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Our Story

Melbourne based boys Cole and Troy created One Pod to help reduce the environmental impact of single-use coffee pods and help save you money!

After a weekend away with friends, we couldn't believe between us how many pods we went through that were just thrown in the bin. That coupled with being stuck with only one flavour of coffee and running out of the pods, forced us to reevaluate how we look at pod machines.

After a little research, we were shocked at the environmental impact single use pods were having on our planet - that we weren't even aware of! Just Australia alone consumes on average 3 Million coffee pods a day, most of these ending up in landfill. And taking into account that they can take from 150 to 500 years to break down, we decided something had to be done and sparked the idea for One Pod.

An average coffee drinker who makes the switch to One Pod’s reusable coffee pods can save upwards of $750 per year! 

Not to then mention that you can have as many flavours as your local cafes can provide you! Save the environment, Support local business whilst saving yourself money too!


One Pods are REFILLABLE and REUSABLE coffee pods that can be used in almost any pod coffee machine. Made from high quality food grade stainless steel, the One Pod is designed to last a lifetime. The reusable pods are the most eco-friendly way to use your pod machine. Refillable pods give you the freedom to choose your favourite coffee beans whilst saving you money from buying expensive pre-filled coffee pods.



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Feel free to get in contact with any questions at hello@onepod.com.au



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